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When we first took the Detroit exit from I-94 we thought that perhaps our GPS had led us astray. It seemed we had arrived in a ghost town, filled with abandoned and boarded up buildings. The businesses that were still up and running were difficult to distinguish from their vacant neighbors. As we neared the downtown area it wasn’t hard to imagine Detroit as the bustling metropolis it once was. Though the streets were nearly empty, tall buildings stood proudly, as if waiting for more to spring up around them.

Four days prior to our arrival Occupy Detroit had lost their permit to occupy Grand Circus Park. Disheartened by this news we scoured their website for any events scheduled for the day we were in town. We learned that they were planning an action meeting in the park but when we arrived we found no one there. We assumed this was due to the rain that had been pouring all afternoon. Even though they lost their site, Occupy Detroit is still very active in the community, their most current project is restoring homes in the Goldengate neighborhood, one of many neglected areas in the city. Here is a link to their website:

Here are some articles we found about the economic climate of Michigan:—Eight-year-population-exodus-staggers-state